Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Toys Designing and Creating

Last week we planned and made our toys as the INSPIRE part of our innovation inquiry.

We had such great ideas and really loved creating our toys.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Whaea Kathy Shares Her Maori Instruments

Yesterday we were very lucky to have Kaea's Mum Whaea Kathy come and share her very special musical instruments with us. She began by introducing herself in Te Reo by saying her Pepeha, just like we are learning to say.

She then shared with us some very special instruments-

A Koauau:

A Putorino:

Purerehua (Butterfly)



Kaea showed us how she could play this beautiful instrument made from a gourd.

Whaea Kathy then read us a story she and Kaea's Dad Daniel had written about Hinemoa and Tutanekai.

Then we got to make our own Maori instrument called a Porotiti.We used cardboard and string and practised very hard to get them to whirl.

Sincere got hers to work beautifully!

We loved having Whaea Kathy share her beautiful instruments and knowledge of Te Reo with us. 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Drawing A Buddy

For writing time last week, Mrs Ray got us to look really carefully at our buddies face. We then had to draw them and write a story about it. There were lots of giggles going on and some great writing! 

Birthday Month

June is BIRTHDAY month in Room 2 as we have so many children turning 6!  Happy birthday to you all.